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Anyone still read this? I'm just updating because I'm afraid LiveJournal will start to purge unused accounts. And I want this one :)

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For personal reasons, I am retiring this journal--I gave out the address one too many times.

To my faithful readers and commenters, Thank you...

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So apparently my father has now found out about Justin, and is upset.

I think I wanted it to happen. I'm glad its out. No more hiding.

Mr Rogers died

Mr Rogers...my childhood hero and role model...died this morning of stomach cancer. I can't believe it. I'm very upset...I loved Mr Rogers...the show..everything. The trolley, picture picture, taking on and off shoes and cardigans..zipping all the way up and then halfway down, visiting factories, feeding the fish, Mr. McFeely, King Friday and the rest of the make believe creatures...

I can't believe this happened. I think he should have been immortal.

I love you, Fred Rogers. Thanks for all my wonderful childhood memories. All my condolences to your family...and all of your neighbors.

Read the CNN story here