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EDIT: I got it. Finally. Whew

I hung out with Andrea and Travis and Kyle and Steve tonight. It rocked :-D
ADD IN: I love Travis. And Steve. And Kyle. And gay guys in general.


Okay, just to clarify..
My parents really are good people
Yeah, we are like a Norman Rockwell painting
My parents are wonderful loving people
We are all good
We do all work hard
Sometimes it just gets a little stressful, thats all

Bulbous bouffant blubber macadamia blubber ga-ze-bo!

glitterbug1984: hey
ImperatorFL: hi
glitterbug1984: are you..waiting for the bus?
ImperatorFL: hmmm?
glitterbug1984: I notice youre not wearing any galoshes
ImperatorFL: mmm?
glitterbug1984: I'm wearing galoshes
ImperatorFL: good
glitterbug1984: Did ya read the paper today?
ImperatorFL: nope
glitterbug1984: Did ya read the part about the ESKIMOS?
glitterbug1984: Well, the article was saying that the eskimos will eat the fat from the whales. Do you know what thats called?
ImperatorFL: blubber
YAY! He got blubber!! How well does he do with the rest?Collapse )


About running for FSCL president...

Current FSCL prez: I think you'd do a really good job
You're the only one thats really motivated enough
You may still be fresh meat as far as FSCL is concerned but you've definately racked up a lot of brownie points and you know the ropes pretty well. i can see you carrying the torch pretty well (pardon the cliche).

purity test at www.puritytest.com

Hope you enjoyed it. (100% is angelic - 0% is devilish) The average score for Heterosexual F is 74.72 of which there have been 5660 test takers.

OUT OF 100 YOU SCORED: 69.50
You matched the odds and wound up just about where everbody else did. Skydive naked.